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Tens of millions across China are facing power shortages in below-freezing winter temperatures, as three provinces impose curbs on electricity use due to surging demand and a squeezed coal supply.

Poland eyes hard split with coal

Coal-dependent EU member Poland aims to shut its last mine by the bloc's 2050 target, but experts warn the move to go green comes late and faces many hurdles.

Cambodia's giant life-giving Tonle Sap lake in peril

As night falls over his floating village, fisherman Leng Vann puffs on a cigarette and heaves a sigh for Tonle Sap, the great inland lake that has sustained Cambodia for centuries.

Biden introduces environment team to tackle 'existential threat'

President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday introduced key members of his environmental team and said his administration would make the fight against global warming a pillar of his drive to rebuild the pandemic-hit US economy.

Two dead, hundreds flee floods in Philippine storm

At least two people were killed and hundreds forced to flee their inundated homes in the Philippines as torrential rain triggered flooding and landslides in the storm-battered archipelago, officials said Saturday.

Fiji scrambles to provide aid as cyclone toll rises

The devastation in Fiji following Cyclone Yasa was compared to a war zone Saturday as reconnaissance flights showed entire villages wiped out and authorities put the cost at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Op-Ed: Antarctica hit by 30,000 tremors since August

Atypical tremors have been happening fast and furious in Antarctica. A group of islands is moving away from the continent at double its previous rate. Nobody’s too sure what it means.

Two dead as super cyclone levels Fiji villages

Super cyclone Yasa flattened entire villages as it tore through Fiji, aid agencies said Friday, with a baby among two confirmed deaths and rescue workers racing to the worst-hit communities.

NOAA predicts that 2020 will go down as hottest year on record

Just how warm Earth stays this December will determine if 2020 goes down as the hottest year on record. And it’s looking a lot like it will, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (NOAA).

Q&A: Smart city lab shapes the future of energy infrastructure Special

Australian energy utility Western Power is preparing through a collaboration with Itron to build a Smart City Lab inside its head office that opens up a multitude of smart opportunities for its customers and communities.

Fijians warned of flooding, huge waves as super storm bears down

Fijians were warned Thursday that no part of the Pacific island nation would escape the wrath of approaching super cyclone Yasa, expected to bring flash floods, huge waves and widespread destruction.

ESA — Long-term satellite record details permafrost thaw

Frozen Arctic soils are set to release vast amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere as they continue to thaw in coming decades. To aid in understanding the scale and speed of this climate process, researchers have released a new permafrost dataset.

Fijians told to seek shelter as super cyclone closes in

Fijians living in the path of an approaching super cyclone were told to hunker down at home or flee to emergency shelters immediately on Wednesday, as authorities warned the storm has the potential to uproot buildings and cause mass destruction.

Indonesia's female forest guardians fight for the environment

Sumini gets up at dawn to do her household chores -- then leads a team of women into the jungles of Indonesia's Sumatra island, on a mission to battle rampant deforestation and wildlife poaching.

Northeast prepares for snowstorm of 'historic' proportions

A major nor’easter?????? is expected to take shape at midweek and unload the biggest snowstorm in years across a good portion of the Northeast - bringing historic levels of snow from northwestern Virginia on up to southern New England.

China's Yangtze fishing communities adapt to life on land

Yang Zeqiang's boat chugs across the Yangtze ferrying a few people and sacks of grain -- his new source of income after all fishing was halted along China's longest river in the name of environmental protection.

Storms help Australia contain UNESCO heritage island fire

Australian firefighters have managed to control a bushfire that burned more than half of the UNESCO world heritage-listed Fraser Island, around two months after a suspected illegal campfire sparked the blaze.

Global summit to present 'ambitious' climate change goals

Global leaders were due to announce more ambitious plans to combat global warming on Saturday, on the fifth anniversary of the signing of the landmark Paris Agreement.

UN Climate Summit — Respecting nature and 'fixing the future'

On the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement on Saturday, a U.N. climate summit will test how far political leaders are willing to go in pursuit of its goals. Climate change impacts are intensifying, and it is time we make peace with nature.

Emissions fell record 7 percent in 2020: study

Carbon emissions fell a record seven percent in 2020 as countries imposed lockdowns and restrictions on movement during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Global Carbon Project said Friday in its annual assessment.The fall of an estimated 2.

Amazon community files lawsuit against Chinese firm over gas flaring

Indigenous Waorani from Ecuador's Amazon filed a lawsuit Thursday against state-owned Chinese oil company PetroOriental, accusing it of contaminating their ancestral lands by burning off natural gas from oil wells in a process known as flaring.

Strong earthquake strikes off Taiwan

A strong earthquake struck off Taiwan on Thursday, causing buildings to shake violently in Taipei but with no immediate reports of damage or injury.The quake was of magnitude 6.

Aboriginal group urges mining 'reset' after ancient site destroyed

Aboriginal landowners have called for a "reset" in Australia's lucrative mining sector after an inquiry pilloried Rio Tinto for blowing up a 46,000-year-old heritage site to expand an iron ore mine.

Arctic endured one of its hottest years in 2020: study

Every year for the past 15, environmental scientists working under the aegis of a US government agency issue a report on the state of the Arctic, and Tuesday's edition confirms an alarming trend: the North Pole is heating up twice as fast as the rest o...

Deforestation wiped out 8% of Amazon in 18 years: study

Deforestation in the Amazon destroyed an area bigger than Spain from 2000 to 2018, wiping out eight percent of the world's biggest rainforest, according to a study released Tuesday.

Everest 'grows' as China, Nepal agree new height

The highest point on Earth got a bit higher Tuesday as China and Nepal finally agreed on a precise elevation for Mount Everest after years of debate.The agreed height of 8,848.

Saving the Amazon's orphan monkeys

Far from the rifle cracks that occasionally rip through the rainforest as local tribesmen hunt mature primates for their meat and soft pelts, a sanctuary in a corner of the Colombian Amazon is offering new life to the orphaned monkeys left behind.

Five years on, summit aims to breathe life into Paris deal

Five years ago, countries agreed a plan to chart humanity's path away from climate catastrophe, with the landmark Paris deal paving the way to a greener, healthier future.

Last month the hottest November on record: EU

Last month was the hottest November on record as Europe basked in its highest Autumn temperatures in history, the European Union's satellite monitoring service said Monday.

Insect invaders threaten Rome's iconic pines

Rome's majestic umbrella pines are as much part of the landscape as the ruins and cobbled streets, but they are under threat from a tiny insect invader -- the pine tortoise scale.

UK insists can achieve 68 percent emissions cut by 2030

Britain insisted Friday it can meet a new commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than two-thirds this decade compared to 1990 levels, the fastest reduction target of any major economy.

Trash tracking satellites help Indonesia tackle marine waste

Every year, pounding rains wash away mountains of plastic waste from the streets of Jakarta, with some of it ending up as far away as Bali's beaches. So scientists are turning to satellites to trace the rubbish and figure out how to tackle the problem....

Amazon leaders deliver illegal mining petition to Brazil Congress

Indigenous leaders delivered a petition of more than 400,000 signatures to the Brazilian Congress on Thursday, demanding the removal of illegal miners from Yanomami land in the Amazon they say are spreading the coronavirus to vulnerable communities.

Floods kill nine in southern Thailand

Flash floods have claimed at least nine lives in southern Thailand and affected half a million people, officials said Thursday as the region braced for even more rain.

Japan set to ban sales of new petrol cars in mid-2030s: reports

Japan wants to ban sales of new petrol cars in around 15 years' time as part of efforts to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, reports said Thursday.

Pandemics, climate change 'intensify' global health threats

From small island states to urbanised powerhouses, every country on Earth faces "multiplying and intensifying" threats to human health as climate change renders future pandemics and system collapses ever more likely, a major study concluded on Thursday...

Second cyclone in a week threatens Sri Lanka, India

Sri Lanka and southern India battened down the hatches for the second time in a week on Wednesday ahead of the scheduled arrival of another cyclone from the Bay of Bengal.

New Zealand's Ardern declares 'climate emergency'

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared a "climate emergency" on Wednesday, telling parliament that urgent action was needed for the sake of future generations.

Climate groups take on Shell in landmark Dutch case

Environmental groups faced off against Shell before a Dutch court Tuesday in a landmark bid to force the oil giant to meet emissions targets in the Paris climate accord.

Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon surges to 12-year high

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon surged again over the past year, hitting a 12-year high, according to official figures released Monday that drew a chorus of condemnation of President Jair Bolsonaro's government.

Op-Ed: COVID-19 has pulled our attention away from global warming

No other issue has so consistently hogged the global limelight as the coronavirus pandemic. There have been a few disruptions, like the U.S. presidential elections, riots, and protests worldwide, but the real, long-term issue has been ignored.
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