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Algeria has announced tighter state controls over online media, sparking alarm in the North African country whose pro-democracy movement is under heightened pressure from the government.

Japan man probed over insults tied to Netflix star's suicide

Japanese police said Thursday they have referred a man to prosecutors over online abuse he directed at Hana Kimura, a reality television star who took her own life earlier this year.

Twitter cracks down on false posts about Covid vaccines

Twitter said on Wednesday that it would crack down on false posts about Covid-19 vaccines beginning next week, following in the footsteps of Facebook and YouTube.

Facebook closes disinformation accounts linked to French military

Facebook said Tuesday that it had removed two networks based in Russia and one linked to the French military, accusing them of carrying out interference campaigns in Africa.

EU flexes muscle against big tech 'gatekeepers'

US tech giants such as Facebook and Google face unprecedented regulation in Europe, as the EU prepares to unveil landmark proposals that could change the face of life online.

Facebook antitrust suits seek to divest Instagram, WhatsApp

US federal and state antitrust enforcers filed suit against Facebook on Wednesday claiming the social media giant abused its dominant position and seeking to unwind its acquisitions of messaging services Instagram and WhatsApp.

Chatting with the cast and writer of 'The Unleashed' on Twitch Special

The cast and writer of "The Unleashed" on Twitch chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about the popular innovative PRG series.

Norway accuses Russian hackers of parliament attack

Norway's domestic spy agency on Tuesday blamed a Russian hacker group linked to Moscow's military intelligence for a cyberattack on the Norwegian parliament earlier this year.

Second US judge blocks Trump's TikTok ban

A second US federal judge has suspended a Trump administration executive order threatening to ban TikTok in the United States.

Australia to force Google, Facebook to pay for news content

Facebook and Google could be required to pay news outlets for their content in "world first" legislation set to be introduced to Australia's parliament on Wednesday.

#Covid19, #BlackLivesMatter top Twitter themes in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement topped the list of conversation topics on Twitter in a tumultuous year, the messaging platform said Monday.

Trump calls Georgia governor — Wants him to overturn Biden's win

President Donald Trump made an irate call to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Saturday morning, wanting him to persuade the state legislature to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Twitter users noticed, and responded.

TikTok keeps ticking in US as deadline for asset sale passes

TikTok continued serving up short videos in the US despite missing a Trump administration deadline to come up with an acceptable deal to put its American assets into US hands.

Duterte-critic journalist given second Philippine cyber libel charge

Veteran Philippine journalist Maria Ressa asked a court on Friday to quash the second charge of cyber libel she has faced this year, in a case sparked by a screenshot of an online news article.

Facebook changing 'race-blind' hate speech policy

Facebook on Thursday said it is revising its systems to prioritize blocking slurs against Black people, gays and other groups historically targeted by hateful vitriol, no longer automatically filtering out barbs aimed broadly at whites, men, or America...

Hackers targeting Covid-19 vaccine supply chain, IBM warns

Hackers are targeting the coronavirus vaccine supply chain, IBM warned Thursday, saying it had uncovered a series of cyber attacks against companies involved in the effort to distribute doses around the world.

Defanged, social media destruction: 2021 predictions Special

Among the challenges that consumers and companies face in 2021 are the activities of social media companies, especially in terms of data privacy, and the activities of the major tech companies, which could be curtailed.

Twitter bans content which 'dehumanizes' based on race, ethnicity

Twitter said Wednesday it was expanding its definition of hateful content to ban language which "dehumanizes" people on the basis of race, ethnicity or national origin.

Facebook 'supreme court' begins daunting task on content disputes

Facebook's "supreme court" tasked with deciding on allowing or removing sensitive and harmful content has begun operations, with a backlog of some 20,000 cases already piling up for the expert panel.

Twitter rejects call to remove Chinese official's fake Australian troops tweet

Twitter on Tuesday rebuffed Australian calls to remove a Beijing official's incendiary tweet targeting Australian troops, as China doubled down on criticism in the face of mounting international condemnation.

Facebook, Google becoming 'human rights-free zones' in Vietnam: Amnesty

Facebook and Google are fast becoming "human rights-free zones" in Vietnam, Amnesty International warned Tuesday, accusing the tech titans of helping censor peaceful dissent and political expression in the country.

Australia PM slams Chinese official's 'repugnant' tweet

Australia's prime minister angrily denounced a "repugnant", "outrageous" and "appalling" tweet from a top Chinese government spokesman Monday and demanded Beijing formally apologise.

How the Arab uprisings were weakened by online fakes

The Arab uprisings a decade ago were supercharged by online calls to join the protests -- but the internet was soon flooded with misinformation, weakening the region's cyber-activists.

Arab Spring: the first smartphone revolution

Social media and smartphones briefly gave youthful Arab Spring protesters a technological edge that helped topple ageing dictatorships a decade ago as their revolutionary spirit went viral.

Trump's preferred YouTube channel is suspended

Google has removed the One America News Network (OANN) channel from YouTube. The sanction has been imposed in response to some of the content providing misinformation about supposed COVID-19 "cure".

Snapchat challenges TikTok with curated video feed

Snapchat on Monday unveiled a new curated short-form video feed in a stepped up challenge to social media rivals like TikTok.

Twitter to hand @POTUS account to Biden on inauguration day

Twitter will hand control of the presidential @POTUS account to Joe Biden when he is sworn in on inauguration day, even if President Donald Trump has not conceded his election loss, US media reported Friday.

Trump joins APEC summit as China counters US protectionism

US President Donald Trump on Friday made a rare appearance at a virtual Asia-Pacific summit, touting his commitment to work towards "peace and prosperity" in the region, as China's Xi Jinping used the forum to counter American protectionism.

Trump to take part in virtual APEC summit Friday: US official

Donald Trump will take part on Friday in the virtual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, a senior US official said, as the president continues to reject the results of this month's election.

Solomon Islands 'planning Facebook ban' over posts criticising govt

The Solomon Islands is reportedly planning to ban Facebook after the government received harsh criticism on the social media platform, sparking outrage among rights groups and opposition figures in the Pacific island nation.

Global streaming giants blow dust off Mideast music business

The Arab music industry -- plagued by rampant piracy, free YouTube clips and dated channels -- is the new target for global streaming giants intent on bringing the outmoded business into the digital era.

Twitter, Facebook defend election rules at heated Senate hearing

Facebook and Twitter defended their handling of US election misinformation at a heated congressional hearing Tuesday where one key senator assailed the platforms for being the "ultimate editor" of political news.

Op-Ed: #DeleteFacebook – A major threat to all social media

The new #DeleteFacebook page is a mix of right-wing rhetoric, and some “interesting” claims which look very like QAnon. This is a major risk to all social media; this is how to shut down actual free speech.

Twitter says flagged 300,000 'misleading' election tweets

Twitter labeled 300,000 tweets related to the US presidential election as "potentially misleading" in the two weeks surrounding the vote, making up 0.2 percent of election-related posts, the company said Thursday.

Trolls get creative after WHO censors Taiwan

Alleged censorship of Taiwan on the World Health Organization's Facebook page inspired some creative trolling Thursday, with special characters and foreign scripts used to bypass filters that also censored Winnie the Pooh, a character used to poke fun ...

Actor John Schneider to participate in a virtual fan event

On Sunday, November 15, John Schneider ("The Dukes of Hazzard" fame) will participate in a virtual fan event for Star Image Entertainment.

Foreigners join China's livestream sales army

Late at night, Lalo Lopez heads to a small Shanghai studio for a livestream, punting Chinese products from cycling shorts to vacuum cleaners to Spanish speakers around the world.

#StopTheSteal, Trump supporters' viral offensive to discredit the election

All it took was a Facebook page and a hashtag: As election tallies trickled in Donald Trump supporters were busy going viral, accelerating the unsubstantiated claim that Democrats were "stealing" the election under the rallying cry #StopTheSteal.

'Baby Shark' becomes most-watched YouTube video

The wildly infectious and relentlessly repetitive children's song "Baby Shark" became the most-watched YouTube video on Monday, with more than seven billion plays.

Bad Romance: Lady Gaga in Twitter feud with Trump campaign

Music superstar Lady Gaga got into an unlikely Twitter feud Sunday with President Donald Trump's reelection campaign after they accused her of being anti-fracking.

Saudi Twitter users grapple with 'digital authoritarianism'

The former Saudi official's tweet expressing condolences over an activist's death seemed benign, but his mysterious disappearance soon afterwards highlighted what observers call the state's "digital authoritarianism".
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