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More than 45 million medical images – including X-rays, MRI and CT scans, as well as accompanying data that could identify the people in those images - are exposed on open servers, according to new research.

Q&A: The rise of the cloud could rain down cybersecurity risks Special

This year has been a tough one for cybersecurity professionals, both emotionally and in terms of the wave of attack on business systems. The end-of-year respite will brief, and professionals need to get up to speed with new challenges.

How EU and US are trying to rein in tech giants

Tech giants have changed our daily lives but governments around the world are worried they are out of control.

China's Alibaba 'dismayed' by Uighur facial-recognition software

Chinese tech giant Alibaba has sought to distance itself from a face-recognition software feature devised by its cloud computing unit that could help users to identify members of the country's Muslim Uighur minority.

A Zero Trust framework is no longer optional for enterprises Special

2020 brought massive disruption from COVID-19, and the abrupt shift to a remote workforce In March created holes in the cybersecurity landscape for malicious actors to exploit.

Texas leads US states suing Google for anti-competitive practices

Several US states led by Texas filed a suit against Google Wednesday over alleged anti-competitive practices, branding it an "internet Goliath" that had eliminated competition in online advertising and was harming consumers.

Has the U.S. government been victimized by Russian cyberattacks? Special

Several U.S. government networks, including the Treasury, Commerce and Homeland Security Departments, have each been hit by a major cyberespionage campaign operated by Russian hackers.

What is digital transformation’s future? Special

The next stage of digital transformation for many firms is with the wider adoption of artificial intelligence (and more specifically human-centric AI). A further innovation is with the adoption of prescriptive analytics.

It's time to put a cybersecurity professional on the board Special

If companies do not yet have a cybersecurity lead at the executive table, then now is the time to bring such a person on-board. This is in light of an expected increase in threat activity in 2021.

Australia watchdog sues Facebook over 'misleading' VPN app

Australia's consumer watchdog launched legal action against Facebook on Wednesday, alleging the social media giant "misled" thousands of Australians by collecting user data from a free VPN service advertised as private.

Bolstered by pandemic, tech titans face growing scrutiny

Accelerating the transition to an ever more digital life, the coronavirus pandemic has tightened tech giants' grip on billions of customers' lives.

Gmail service disrupted in new Google mishap

Google's cloud-hosted email service suffered a "significant" disruption Tuesday, just a day after it went down during a massive outage of the internet giant's platform.

EU unveils new rules to curb tech giants

The European Union on Tuesday unveiled tough draft rules targeting tech giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook, whose power Brussels sees as a threat to competition and even democracy.

Subway customers receive 'malware' emails Special

It's been reported that Subway customers in the UK are receiving scam emails as part of a phishing attack. The emails also use the victims' names, and appear to come from the chain's Subcard loyalty scheme.

Massive outage hits Google services worldwide

A massive blackout on Monday temporarily disrupted popular Google services such as Gmail and YouTube, derailing the remote learning, work and entertainment that people have come to rely on during the pandemic.

Predictions on the 2021 cybersecurity landscape Special

Where is cybersecurity heading in 2021? Digital Journal sought the opinions of some experienced threat intelligence research experts to provide predictions for the cybersecurity landscape in 2021.

US government says agencies hit by massive cyberattack

The US government issued an emergency directive to federal agencies in the wake of a major cyberattack, as multiple media outlets reported at least two departments -- including the Treasury -- had been targeted by hackers with ties to Russia.

Indonesia wants to lure SpaceX to build rocket launch site

Indonesia has invited Tesla boss Elon Musk to build a launch site for his SpaceX's rocket in the Southeast Asian country, pointing out the benefits of a location next to the equator, officials said.

US government confirms cyberattack

The US government confirmed Sunday that its computer networks had been hit by a cyberattack, as The Washington Post reported at least two departments had been targeted by Russian state hackers.

During COVID-19, YouTube is our favorite brand

As consumers spent more time streaming, YouTube has leaped from sixth to first place in the media and entertainment industry, according to MBLM’s Brand Intimacy COVID-19 Study. This means YouTube has become the top place to head towards.

Workers riot at India iPhone factory over 'exploitation' claims

Authorities vowed to crack down on workers who went on a violent rampage at a Taiwanese-run iPhone factory in southern India over allegations of unpaid wages and exploitation, with 100 people arrested so far.

Ransomware attack cripples Vancouver public transportation agency Special

A ransomware attack has crippled the operations of TransLink, the public transportation agency for the city of Vancouver, Canada. The issue caused widespread disruption throughout the city.

Get ready for 2021: Ransomware, healthcare, nation-state hacks Special

Recovered from the traumas of the biological virus restrictions of 2020? Get ready for digital codes of a malicious nature, where cybersecurity issues will increase across 2021, according to a leading expert.

Future of ethical hacking in balance as the Supreme Court debates Special

The Supreme Court is continuing to hear arguments on Nathan Van Buren vs. United States. This is an important case that ethical hackers are closely watching as it could lead to far-reaching amendments to computer hacking laws in the U.S.

Personal data of millions of Brazilians exposed online Special

The personal data of 243 million Brazilians has been exposed online. The data breach occurred via website source code. The website contained each item of personal information a Brazilian citizen had provided to the government.

Cyberpunk 2077 launches to global acclaim despite seizure warnings

Cyberpunk 2077, a video game reported to be one of the most expensive ever made, launched worldwide on Thursday after its makers vowed to fix graphics that risk triggering epileptic seizures.

Review: New EarFun earbuds offer dynamic sound quality Special

To get through the drudgery of remote working listening to music often helps. Good quality sound also matters, and earbuds provide an effective

Review: Choetech's new cable and charger deliver excellent performance Special

A new super-fast charger from Choetech offers a more compact design, due to the incorporation of gallium nitride. We take a look at the device features, along with a new charging cable.

5G will help to foster in improved AI technology for firms Special

Businesses have not made the most of 5G deployment in 2020, not least due to the considerable disruption from the coronavirus. In 2021, there will be more opportunities to use 5G to foster in improved forms of AI.

Giant vertical farm opens in Denmark

A purple glow illuminates stacked boxes where lettuce, herbs and kale will soon be sprouting at one of Europe's biggest "vertical farms" which has just opened in a warehouse in an industrial zone in Copenhagen.

Healthcare beware: 2021 will see more cyberattacks Special

Enterprises face a range of new challenges in 2021, including the expectation that cyberattacks will increase and, at the same time from the remediation front, a lack of available skills among the IT workforce.

Spotify launches ‘rolling reset’ to address data leak Special

Spotify has issued a rolling password reset to some user accounts following the discovery of an open Elasticsearch database containing user credentials. The 72GB database contained over 380 million records.

UK introduces new security law targeting telecoms Special

The UK government has unveiled a new security law which includes new fines if telecoms operators fail to meet security standards. Companies which fail to tighten their security could receive fines which amount to 10 percent of their turnover.

Trump's legacy: What 2021 means for cybersecurity Special

In the context of a growing number of cyber-threats, organizations need to carefully evaluate tooling and options, and choose the right solutions for today and the near-term future.

Q&A: Wrong digital transformation strategy creates cyber-risks Special

One reason for businesses facing cybersecurity challenges is a lack of skills within IT departments; another reason relates to incorrect technologies and digital transformation issues. These are issues that need to be faced by firms into 2021.

Quantum computing: The next WannaCry-like episode? Special

2020 was an unprecedented year in many ways, but the spike in cyberattacks that we saw during the pandemic has changed the security landscape forever, says Gaurav Banga of Balbix. What does 2021 have in store?

Electronic health records provider caught out in data breach Special

NTreatment, a technology company that manages electronic health and patient records for doctors and psychiatrists, left thousands of sensitive health records exposed to the Internet because one of its cloud servers wasn’t protected with a password.

British MPs bombarded by with three million monthly email attacks Special

It has been revealed that UK MPs have been targeted by around 2.8 million email attacks per month so far in 2020, according to new data compiled by a government watchdog. These are mostly phishing emails.

Ransomware attack hits Baltimore County schools Special

The education sector is under increased threat from cyberattacks, especially as more learning platforms mover online and educational resources are provided from afar. The latest attack has struck schools in Baltimore County.

Cleaning up sloppy security will be among 2021's key actions Special

The challenges brought about by this year’s uncertainty are expected to shape some expectations for how Information Technology will organize through the course of 2021 and in terms of the strategies that IT leaders need to take.

Predictions: COVID-19, cloud, and consolidation Special

As the end of 2020 approaches, industry leaders are beginning to make predictions for what the new year will bring. This includes Franz Aman of MariaDB, who places a particular focus on cloud computing.
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